Everything You Will Ever Need

A couple of years ago, I happened to stumble upon a list that Jack Kerouac made up called “Belief and Technique for Modern Prose“.  After running through the list, I decided to print it out and stash it away in my wallet figuring that I could always take it out whenever I needed it.  Naturally, I forgot all about it until today, and when I found it and read through it again, I decided to make a list of my own because….well, why the hell not?

I know that the things on my list, at least some of them, are more than obvious to most people, but I think we all tend to put these concepts far enough away in the back of our minds that we can’t find them when we need it the most (plus, a reminder never hurt anybody).  So here it is, please take what you can.

#1.   Respect everyone, including yourself, and above all, be honest.

#2.   Love with all your heart, think with all your mind, and never do one more than the other.

#3.   Walk tall and kick ass.

#4.   You already have everything you’ll ever need.

#5.   There will be pain, and it will hurt, but never learn to like it.

#6.   If you’ve found something that means something, go get it.

#7.   Deception is always kind.

#8.   Understand your enemies.

#9 .  Never play it too safe.

#10. The more of a conscience you have, the poorer you’ll be.

#11. Always keep your inner-child satisfied.

#12. There’s nothing worse than too late.

#13. Breathe.

#14. Honesty is the best form of courage.

#15. Greed is the worst form of ignorance.

#16. Yes,you can.

#17. Love yourself completely but lastly.

#18. You ARE worth it.

#19. Keep your ears open and your mouth shut.

#20.Don’t forget that we’re all in this together. “Without people, you’re nothing.” — Joe Strummer.

I hope that helped.  Like I said, you probably already knew most of those things on that list, but, unfortunately, we all have to be told those things now and again—I think so anyways.  So whenever you feel yourself breaking down, take more than a glance at this list.  You’re going to make it.


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