Must-Know Carlin: Top 5 George Carlin Clips

When it comes to comedians, few are as revered as George Carlin.  He was a unparalleled comedian/philosopher, and, more so than any other comedian I’ve seen, George had a very special way of communicating to each and every person whether or not they were part of the audience in one of his shows, listening to one of his record at home, or watching one of his HBO specials.  It almost felt like you knew the guy, much like you know your best friend or brother, and in a very strange and real way, it felt like he knew you, too. And so, for my favorite comedian , I put together my top 5, desert island George Carlin clips.  I know that you’ll enjoy them.

#1 The Seven Words

I’m not sure that the “seven words” is my #1 all-time favorite Carlin rant (though it’s still high up there), but I put it at #1 because I know that it’s its a favorite people and it’s definitely George’s most well-known bits.

#2  The Ten Commandments

If you’re serious about Jesus, then I’m sorry.  I’m a HUGE fan of this clip, and I think this clip shows how George was one the greatest philosophers of our time (I know that’s quite a claim but…well, fuck off).

#3 George on Our Similarities

Fucking brilliant!

#4 Guys Named Todd

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the entire clip for this bit, but I think it gets the point across: Fuck Tucker, Tucker sucks.

#5 Children Worship

Appropriately, this last clip comes from George’s last HBO performance “It’s Bad for Ya”.

I can’t say it enough, but thanks again, George.


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