Embracing Honesty

I’m a nerd.

I always knew this, but I never really admitted it out loud.  However, all that changed after I went to this year’s Comic-con a couple of weeks ago.

There were elves, jedi, warlocks, live action role players, knights fully armored and ready for battle, and one trekkie (I was told that they tend to keep to their own conventions).

Fat Superman was there, accompanied by Black Batman.  Henchmen 21 and 24, too, followed by Sergeant Hatred, the lovable sex offender.  And just as I assumed beforehand, there was a gigantic army of Princess Leias—either dressed in New Hope white (with the cinnabon hair) or the metal slave bikini.

After taking all this in for the first time, one thing was certain: it was weird.

But don’t get me wrong.  I certainly don’t mean “weird” in any bad connotation.  I saw it as downright brave.  After all, I loved the Holy Trilogy as much as the next guy…dressed as Boba Fett (which must have cost a fortune, or at least looked like it). 

I looked at all this nerdom, at its absolute peak, and I have to admit that I felt a little ashamed.  I was just as much a nerd as those people (well…most of those people), but if you asked me if I read comics, I would deny, deny, deny—unlike them.  There was no doubt about it, I was the squarest one in the place.

Easily my favorite comic, just so you know....

Straight away, I set out to remedy the problem.  So I did what came and felt natural:  I spent $130, as if I never had the money in the first place, on Superman graphic novels.  Buying comic books has always been a good feeling—a real healing experience—but it never felt better than at Comic-con.

We nerds are all the same, only we’re completely different.  Some of us have 20-sided dice, others don’t.  Some of us think LOTR is the best trilogy, the rest say Star Wars.  And many think Marvel has the best universe, but just as many argue in favor of DC. 

Sure, we have our differences, but in the end, it’s our differences that let us stay just far enough away from the blandly realistic, less intellectual mainstream.    As far as I’m concerned, like a reborn Christian with church, I’m never missing another Comic-con again.

Oh, and by the way, Han shot first.

Are you this brave about what you love?


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