The Audacity of Socialism

god damn it, America

The President is a Socialist.

Well, that’s what they keep saying anyways.  And by “they”, I mean 67% of Republicans across the country, according to a March Harris poll.

They must be terrified. With the Gallup polls currently estimating Obama’s approval rating to be in the 50’sespecially after the passing of the Health Care Reform Bill it’s only illogical for these neo-Archie Bunkers to assume that the Commies aren’t only in the Oval Office…they’re everywhere!  Look out John Birch Society, here comes America…again.


But if this was actually happening in our country, what are they going to do about it, honestly?  I suppose they could buy more miniature American flags (probably made in Communist China) and wave them really hard at those “godless” Socialists, or perhaps staple a few more Lipton tea bags on the bills of their baseball caps.  That’ll show them Reds whose America this really is.

They have to keep in mind, however, that this isn’t our first Red Scare, and the unfortunate truth is that our country has an anything but perfect record at fighting Socialists, Communists, Trotskyites, or whatever you prefer to call them. So if the Republicans want to get serious about saving this country from Socialism—assuming they had the power to actually do so—let’s think about what would most likely happen.  I promise they won’t like it.

When it comes to eradication, guns usually come first to mind.  And why not?  Firing a gun is as easy as moving a finger, and it allows whoever uses it successfully to shoot first, ask questions whenever they feel like it.

But we certainly can’t use the military, not against The Communist Manifesto, that’s just M.A.D. Every time we’ve used very tangible bullets against the intangible idea of socialism, we’ve fallen as efficiently as a row of dominoes. Take the Vietnam War for horrible instance, which amounted to being one of the worst, combined wastes of military muscle and young lives in our history.  Our arsenal couldn’t prevent Communism from spreading in a space that’s about the size of New Mexico, so how could we be successful at fighting 50 Vietnam Wars at once?

Of course, we have previously tried to out socialism, without bullets and bombs, from within our borders before.  The most memorable example is Sen. Joseph McCarthy (another Republican) and his witch hunts back in the early 50’s, during the height of the Cold War.  All for the sake of exterminating the Communist from our shores, there were blacklists, loyalty oaths, and a complete disregard for due process.  America practically suffered a nervous breakdown thanks to the Junior Senator from Wisconsin, but common sense became common again and McCarthy was eventually censured by Congress.

So, what has history taught us about America vs. the Red Menace?  Well, we can’t fight socialism using weapons or by Senate Committee.  But if that’s the case, what else can we do to stay uninfected?  Is Democracy doomed? Absolutely not.

There is only one way to combat an idea, and it’s with an even better idea. And I believe, along with Edward R. Murrow, that a better idea than socialism has always been democracy.  As Murrow concluded in his TV debate with Sen. McCarthy, I believed 20 years ago and I believe today that mature Americans can engage in conversation and controversy, the clash of ideas, with Communists anywhere in the world without becoming contaminated or converted. I believe that our faith, our conviction, our determination are stronger than theirs, and that we can compete and successfully, not only in the area of bombs but in the area of ideas.

Better RED than DEAD...oh, wait...

So far, outside of a bunch of name-calling, the Third Red Scare has been relatively uneventful, thank God.  If this thing really gets going though, all we have to do is flip through the pages of any high school U.S. history textbook to figure out the inevitable outcome.

Anyone who’s attempted to purge this country of so-called Socialists or Communists (i.e., the McCarthys and, coming soon, the Becks) has been remembered as paranoid villains with a genuine, unforgivable lack of respect for the Constitution. And ironically, it is typically those being threatened and persecuted for their supposed Socialist beliefs that take a stand and become the heroes of our story.


4 thoughts on “The Audacity of Socialism

  1. “…alternative to socialism is democracy…”
    You can see the problem in that sentence, no?
    Socialism is an economic system, whereas democracy is a political system. They are not an either/or. As far as the efficient allocation of economic resources in a society, the verdict on socialism was in a long time ago: it’s a loser and destroys wealth. This is why communist governments in China and Vietnam have liberalized their economies and are pursuing capitalism, not socialism.

    • Hey sasoc,
      I agree with you when it comes to the ultimate verdict on socialism. You’re right, it’s a loser and only looks good on paper. I also agree that socialism revolves chiefly around economics (economic equality to be specific), but it is still considered a political philosophy, nonetheless. You might still disagree with me, but I still appreciate your well thought out comment. Thanks

    • Dear Brooks,
      First, let’s look at the clip you posted and whether or not our President is “Stumping” for Sen. Bernie Sanders. You’ll probably disagree with me, but I don’t see how you anyone could possibly make the connection that just because two people are standing next to each other, they automatically agree on everything. Also, Barack never once endorses socialism in his speech.
      I do see, however, Barack talking about how “the elections are more about us than they are about the candidates”, i.e., no matter what your beliefs are, you have a right to participate in democracy, and if people believe in what you represent, then you will be elected. That’s the freedom and beauty of democracy for you, it’s in favor of not what you believe in, rather it is what most of us believe in, and except for the good people of Vermont, it sure isn’t socialism.
      Regarding the whole conspiracy blogpost you sent me, where’s the proof for the arguement? I see very little that would convince that Barack was undoubtably a member of New Party or its “sister organization”, and if he was truly a member of either organization, wouldn’t there be more of a paper trail than a clipping from god-knows-where, dinner invites, and a scribbled note (which could have been written by anybody and has no references to either party in it) that said Barack was “more than happy to be involved”. If there was even one somewhat reliable source in the whole arguement, I might consider it. Until then, I simply won’t.

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