For the Fear

You’ve killed hope, dreams and futures.  You thrive on weakness.  You multiply in the shadows.  You are my worst nightmare.

Taking is all you know, it’s what keeps you fat and grinning.  I know you don’t spare children because you didn’t spare me.  You’ve taken from me, yes you have.  But it’s my fault.  I let you in.  I was an easy target in those days, wasn’t I? May God forgive you because I won’t.

You’ve hurt me so bad.  I cried for you to stop, but you kept carelessly whipping.  You led me astray, turning me into something I never wanted to be.  Many times you broke me down in my tracks…but everything can be rebuilt and for the better.

You were as swift as lightning and just as evasive.  You’re ugly as sin and tough as steel.   You were practically flawless, but you made one mistake.  You didn’t turn me cold.  I’ll make sure your one fault haunts you.

Because of you, I struggled and halted.  But because of me, I’ve tempered myself from the infernos of pain you caused.  Because of me, I have a heart like an ever-erupting volcano.  Because of me, I don’t know how to stop.  Because of me, I learn something new every day.    Because of me, I am me.

I’m no longer the child we both knew, but a man.  I feel as tall as a skyscraper while you’re no bigger than a rat.  I’m borderless, capable of everything. Doesn’t that frighten you?  But you, you can only drive so hard, you can only live so long.  And what’s worse, I know all of your habits.  Roles have reversed, there’s no pretending they haven’t.  You aren’t my bully anymore, and it’s my turn to do some of the breaking.

You should fear me, Fear, and I promise you will. I’m going to kill you even if it takes everything I’ve got.   Hit me with whatever’s left in your tank.  Don’t keep me waiting, I love a good challenge.


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