Say Why and Why Not

The time that we call our own is a time of great sorrow, greed and concern.  Many of us suffer, struggle and weep for something better than what we know too well, yet the rest do little more than turn an already blind eye further away from their fellow man.  We have forgotten that we are all in this together, completely abandoned our brothers and sisters, for everything money can buy which is everything.  We have sacrificed too much for so little.

We suffer, we starve, and we yearn for something greater, but we’ve lost the ability to listen to ourselves.  Today, while a chairman of the board received an ample bonus—enough to feed and clothe many, assuredly make the sick once again full of life, and provide a proper education to a schoolful of eager, young minds—handfuls of families in places like Flint, Michigan and Gary, Indiana had no other choice but to sign up for food stamps and government housing.  It is the survival of the slickest, and as a result, the jungle from whence we came will soon be our home again.

There are varying evils all around us, and like all wickedness, they should be destroyed, but we do nothing.  How many of us have sold off our invaluable set of principles to the highest bidder, have consciously committed to mindlessness on a daily basis, and continue to believe that we are better than the nearest person when we are certainly not.  We have contributed to this dilemma more than we wish to admit, both you and I.  Like it or not, our hands are far from clean.

But even though we’ve stood idle for so long, it is never too late to begin to move forward in the right direction.  This time of ours is a time of great injustice, but our time is entirely up to us.  Surely, we can begin to dream again, forgetting the notion that a dream is nothing more than a lost cause.  We can begin to realize that violence, ignorance and greed do not solve anything.  And maybe we can even begin to sincerely love one another, like we’ve never done before.  We can begin.  It is up to us.

There is no limit to what one human being is capable of achieving.  A single individual is all that is needed to change the world.  That has been proven, over and over, by the greatest of those who lived amongst us.   After all, it only took one man, Jonas Salk, to defeat an entire disease.  But for us to change the world, we must change ourselves first.  It is a time to hope.  It is a time to imagine.  It is time to think of our children.

I can do this, and so can you.


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