10 Best Signs from Chicago’s Rally to Restore Sanity

Here’s my list of the 10 best signs from Chicago’s Rally to Restore Sanity. Like my picks? Despise them? Comment and let me know!

Also, special thanks to Nicholas Moroni for letting me post his pics!


#1. Jews Against Frivolous Hitler Comparisons Sign

provided by Nicholas Moroni

This sign was clever, and it definitely made a point that should have been made MONTHS ago.  Great job!


#2. Michael Palin for President!

If this sign doesn’t make sense to you, please go and watch Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Shhhh, it’s going to be okay.

#3. I Want YOU to stop being AFRAID Sign

”]This sign pretty much nailed it on the head…that, and it had the most words.

#4. Freedom Sign

Come on, people!  Polluck takes time!  Plus, look at that sign!  It’s HA-YUGE!!

#5. ….


Somehow, this was damn alright.

#6.  Don’t Tread on Me Sign

Yet another clever sign.

#7. Hillbillies and Hippies United

Love the syne!

#8. Fear is the Mind Killer Sign

Good job, and great point!

#9. Umpire Sign

[provided by Nicholas Moroni]

The way it should be.

#10.Agree to Disagree Sign

I put this sign on the bottom, not because it was poorly done (not true at all), but because it’s true…which makes me frown.  That’s all we’ve done for last two years…agree to disagree.


2 thoughts on “10 Best Signs from Chicago’s Rally to Restore Sanity



    And a young child with a “Angry tea partys make me sad” placard!!

    These were my favorites at the Grant Park rally!!

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