Are Hipsters Still Contemplating Jazz?

Greasers, Hippies, Punks, Goths, Emos, Metalheads, Skaters, and now, Hipsters.

All of the aforementioned are different, but it is what makes those groups different that ironically make them principally the same: they’re all contemporary subcultures that want to be anything but contemporary. They all hope to be unusual. Hipsters, for as unique as they claim (or wish) to be, are no different.

Hipsters could be characterized as just about anything, except new. The original hipsters were a product of the Jazz Age. Actually, they were the Beats, and they were cool even before the “Birth of the Cool“. But contrary to the ones currently strutting around campus in their skinnier-than-skinny jeans, the original hipsters were proud of the name bestowed upon them.

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