CCR or Why Being Terrific and Unique Are Not Necessarily Copacetic

When I hear the opening licks of “Proud Mary”, I can guarantee that I’m not thinking about Saabs, microbrews or guys named Milo or August.

I’m thinking about America, people. It’s all about having a game of catch with Dad, about applauding veterans as they march past me in the 4th of July Parade, about having a steak hot off the grill…I’d go on and on, but I’m sure I’ve made my point.  Yes, my favorite American rock n’ roll group is staunchly American—duh—but I can go one step further.

Creedence also evokes a sense of community, a warm feeling that I’m on everybody’s side. It makes perfect sense, after all, because…well, who doesn’t like (if not love) CCR? I can say that with confidence, but not total confidence. Let me discuss.

Creedence can be called a lot of things. Calling them anything less than legendary is a crime. Having produced three platinum albums in the same year (Bayou Country, Green River and Willy and the Poor Boys) the adjective I’d use to best describe CCR is reliable. But how about unique or even original? Certainly, that’s debatable, but even if they weren’t out of the ordinary, why should that steer anyone away from listening to “Lodi”? Isn’t being great good enough anymore?

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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beatles

You have no idea how difficult this was for me.  At first I thought, that I could make a simple Top Five Ten Beatles songs post, but it would have been easier to solve world hunger, defeat global warming, and bring “peace with honor” to the conflict in the Middle East, all by using a book of matches, a big bag of Skittles, and possibly a dictionary, than to cut down my all-time, desert island, favorite Beatles songs into a list of no more than five.   It’s just not possible.

Why?  It’s simple really.  The Beatles are the greatest band ever assembled in the history of the planet.  That’s just the true fact, and no, that’s not debatable whatsoever, especially if you think it’s the fucking Stones (Really?  Come on!).

Anywho, on to what I came up with.  Into order to make the cut, I made up a set of bullshit rules:

#1.  The songs have to kick-ass, naturally.

#2.  As good as Imagine and Watching the Wheels are, and they REALLY are, they don’t count because they are not technically “Beatles” songs.

#3.  There has to be an official, high quality video of said fantastic song, consisting of the Beatles playing the tune or a compilation put together, by Apple Corps., for the Anthology (sorry, no DISGRACEFUL covers of Eleanor Rigby done by American Idol metrosexuals).

Let us begin:

My First Album

#1.  Hey Jude

Even if there wasn’t a great video of this song, it is most definitely my favorite Beatles song for a host of reasons—-the biggest and best being that Hey Jude was the first Beatles song I’d ever heard.  I’ll never forget it:  I was 8 years old, coming home from my next-door neighbor’s 9th birthday party, and it came on over the radio.  The very next day, I dragged my mom out to the mall and picked up The Blue Album.  Not a bad way to kickoff a viscous obsession, I must say.

#2.  Revolution

This is where things begin to get difficult.  It was a tough choice, but after many hours of deep consideration, I decided to step it up a notch with Revolution, which is actually the B-side to the Hey Jude single, ironically enough.  I know there’s going to be some nay-sayers that would prefer something from, I don’t know, Sgt. Pepper in the #2 slot, but this isn’t your list now is it.  Plus, that opening guitar riff is a real shot in the arm, or more accurately, a shotgun to the chest.

#3.  In My Life

Can’t really say much about this song, except that it never, ever gets old.  The video is from the Anthology series, in fact, it starts the damn thing and for good reason (listen to the lyrics and you’ll hear what I mean).

#4.  Twist & Shout

Yes, yes.  I know there may be some haters, saying “This shouldn’t be 0n the list!  This is when The Beatles were nothing but teen heartthrobs.”  I disagree.  This song is nothing but fun as hell, period.  And if you don’t like it, then I’m afraid that you have no soul.  May God be with you.

#5.  This Boy

Great little tune.  Also, one of their songs from their fab years, but there’s no arguement with this one.  I’d go even as far as to say that it’s a travesty if “This Boy” doesn’t make everybody’s Beatles best list.  I also got this from the Anthology, and there are a few outtakes before they get to the song, but I say watch them anyways.  It’s the Beatles, after all.

#6.  I’ve Got A Feeling

Best track from the rooftop concert (technically, the last Beatles concert).

#7.  If I Fell

Another track similar to the likes of This Boy, and maybe even In My Life.  The video is from A Hard Day’s Night (the movie, that is).  Enjoy (but that kinda goes without saying)!

#8.  A Day in the Life

I realize that it’s taken 7 tracks to get to Sgt. Pepper, but here we are.  For this reason, and the fact that Pepper is basically everybody’s favorite Beatles album, I think my list have fucking flaws.  Fuck!…Well, you try and make your own list.  I promise you, you’ll fuck up, too….Shit!

#9, #9, #9.  Kansas City/ Hey-Hey-Hey!

Shit, this song is too good to go at the bottom of  the list.  I mean, I really LIKE this song!  I don’t know if it’s one-spot material, but god damn, it’s close. I should have thought about this list a little more.

#10.  Free As A Bird

I don’t think there’s a better song to close off my list than Free As A Bird.  The Beatles Anthology 1 is also a very important album for me, because it was the second album I picked up (again, at 8 years old).  Free As A Bird is the title track off Anthology 1, and if you don’t know the story behind it, you best find out.

Well, that’s my list.  I know it’s flawed, but there it is.  Like I said, I only put songs on the list that had appropriate videos, but if I were doing just a flat-out, genuine top ten list, using only my favorite songs, the list would have been a bit different (I’d definitely put some Abbey Road on there, as it is my favorite album).  Well, even though I know your choices would have been different, I hope you at least enjoyed the footage.

And, by the way, here’s some of the songs that didn’t make the list because I’m an idiot.

#11. The Night Before

#12. I Want to Hold Your Hand

#13. Paperback Writer

#14.  Day Tripper

#15.  I’ll Follow the Sun

#16.  She Loves You

#17.  Till There Was You

#18.  I Saw Her Standing There

#19.  Let It Be

#20.  Real Love